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June 21, 2013


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...that at nobody in particular, regardless, it becomes ridiculously obvious when you use other artist's ideas or concepts in your art without crediting them. On top of obvious, it upsets a lot of people and offends the original artist/s a lot, which means that even if you think it's going to gain you more recognition and/or popularity, you'll just become known for the exact opposite thing: unoriginality.

I don't know who in their right mind would actually enjoy having this sort of reputation thrown onto them over their constant ability to magically inherit or imitate different artist's characters or concepts, but it will not and does not make you respectable as an artist nor a person. If you're aiming to become known on here let alone a respectable artist, you should have the natural ability to be inspired without ripping others off.

Inspiration is one thing, blatantly taking someone's hour's, day's, week's, whatever's worth of work and basically redrawing it into your own badly ripped off, not even anatomically correct "masterpieces" is not. It's actually quite disgusting. I've had it happen to me before, hell, it's still happening to me right now, and this is aimed at anyone in general so if certain people who are guilty of this read this and basically respond rudely (I've had it happen before) then it will just make you look guilty because it would be you who is assuming it is about you, and you basically labelling yourself as one of these people.

So please don't claim I'm pointing at anyone. I am aware I have watchers on here who very well know people in the past and present who have a love of regurgitating some of my work too, but this goes out to any artist who has this problem because I too know how upsetting it is and it just makes you feel like not posting anything because it's going to get ripped off by the certain people who just wait about your page for a new deviation then off they go to their little studio of originality to reproduce it badly, put it up and have the outright nerve to COPYRIGHT it right there.

They can go ahead and think nobody notices but the truth is people do. We're not oblivious to how people work once we're used to their art, even if they tweek things, we all have a particular style and way of working. It's when you start to see someone else constantly try to do this that it gets frustrating.

If anyone in particular who has done this to me sees this, this is rhetorical but what sort of thrill do you get? Are you actually trying to outdo me? what is the point? You're trying to outdo someone who doesn't need to be outdone. I am in no way at any point in experience that I would like to be, I think there are a lot of elements in my style and characters that I wish to improve and expand on, and you know what? the most important part is I'd like to have fun doing so.

and it is not fun to watch someone else try to take that fun away from you and sustain it into what is not theirs. You have no reason to want to be anything like me as a person or as an artist, because everyone has flaws and you should accept that the only way you're going to achieve your dreams to be an artist or illustrator is to BECOME KNOWN FOR THE ELEMENTS AND IDEAS THAT ARE YOURS AND YOURS ALONE.

So go ahead, keep copying others, or try to imitate me, but I hope that the people out there who watch the original artists know and respect that those ideas and creations were originally said artist's.

I don't know how many watchers I really have, I joined here years ago and a lot of my friends I made on here have sort of disappeared or grown up, but I hope that to whoever keeps up with my art and my work genuinely enjoys it, I hope I can make you happy and show you my progression as I try to improve and grow as an artist, and I really, really hope that even if there are people out there who do try to reproduce things I've done, you'll still look at mine as the originals in the same light. 

Some of the things you're taking from me were reflected from very personal experiences or people who mean a lot to me, when you actually take those things you're ripping off things that are dear to me or very personal and special....that's not on, either. It hurts a lot. You hurt people for your own gain, you are nothing to be respected at all.

I don't want my gallery to become something that is so easily pushable to be ripped off, I want people to know that's what I did even if they do end up having to see other people occasionally rip me off. It hurts and I don't know why they'd ever do it.

Finally, to those who do. Do not get me wrong, because I don't mean this arrogantly and I honestly know I have a long way to go....but to whatever subject or deviations of mine you try to copy, turn into your own or copy: they will never live up to mine, because that was the original and people can tell that. Regardless of how much I could improve in skills or techniques, a copy of someone's art will NEVER meet its standards, so you're just going to make yourself a lovely little collection of failed attempts trying to rip off people who are kind enough to let it slide.

If you don't let it slide, the most immature of types will up and threaten to leave, try and turn the internet against you, guilt trip you, give excuses, whatever....but really, if you want to be respected on here, you learn from your mistakes and you do not tell me or other people that you are honestly sorry and you have learned your lesson when you clearly have not.

Your art will never be any kind of good if it's just some shoddy rip off of other people's no matter how much or how little skills you have, so just stop doing it. You're not impressing anyone, you're just going to get hate for it, and if all you want on here is fame by the number, you're forgetting the community behind this site that don't give two worries on how well known you are, they just watch or follow you because they genuinely love your stuff.

So really, at the end of the day, you should just do your own thing. You'll be happier that way, but yes. It's a thing that has always got to me, and it's something I will stand up for myself over.

I'm not going anywhere soon. :)

EDIT: So within a day, the certain person who did actually give me a shitload of drama in the past after they admitted they copied me has begun to respond to this journal by posting erratic statuses, things aimed at me, and linking me to BMTH songs that I actually already really like. Look, I said before that this journal was not aimed at you, and I know you stalk my sites quite a lot (I have the proof if you want it, I just don't get why you do) but what part of THIS IS AT PEOPLE IN GENERAL do you not get? not everything is about you, so if you're going to make drama over something that isn't about you, you're not gonna get any respect for it, people will just think you're starting it over nothing.

If you don't want the drama, don't outright stalk, copy, try to be like, bitch about, anything at all, relating to me when you said in the past it'd never happen again and this is the fourth time in three years.

I'm sick of having patience with people who are actually this repetetive. Grow up and stop trying to pin things on me, now you just look openly guilty and you probably didn't even read the whole of this knowing you. Please give me a break. 
AetherealBunny Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
The first couple of paragraphs made me think of "Sonic Style" XD;;

But yeah, apparently copying popular artists who do work for games or comics seems to still be a thing :U And people can still get some fan based popularity out of it...
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